Real Estate Agents and Brokers Can Better Educate Homebuyers About Title Insurance

10797567855_eca75c3aaa_zReal estate professionals are uniquely positioned to guide baffled and frustrated home buyers. These professionals are knowledgeable, and they have the necessary skills to advise potential buyers, helping them sort through mounds of convoluted paperwork and documents. Nonetheless, real estate agents and brokers can do more to learn about title insurance, as well as educate homebuyers on its importance.

As a trusted advisor, homebuyers look to real estate agents and brokers for instruction, whether the concerns are centered on fees, zoning issues or the closing process. With the role of real estate broker comes responsibility, a responsibility to educate oneself and others about potential pitfalls, and solutions to probable issues. It’s important that every real estate broker understands that title insurance protects against hitches affecting the title of a home.

Homes are valuable assets, likely the most valuable asset owned by a client. For that reason alone, promoting the purchase of an owner’s policy of title insurance should be a priority for wise real estate professionals who’d like to ensure that a property is clear of encumbrances, unpaid mortgages, property taxes and/or child support liens. Introducing a homebuyer to a title professional is one of the best things that a real estate broker can do. This ensures that their client is protected against dormant obstacles.

Title insurance is fundamentally different from other forms of insurance. The owner’s policy requires a one-time fee. It covers the cost of the professional investigation into past issues, as well as the resolution. There are no annual premium costs and title insurance has lower loss rates than other forms of insurance. With lower loss rates, homeowners can feel protected.

Through the performance of curative work, title agents minimize fear and distress. Homebuyers are granted relief through owner’s policies, which will protect them and their heirs as long as they own the property. Title insurers will fund legal costs, willingly paying defense and legal fees if a homebuyer inherits debt from a past owner. For any homeowner, this would be ideal.

Assured Title is an excellent title insurer, effectively able to offer consumers a smoother real estate closing process and an untroubled future in their new home.

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