Reiterating the Value of an Owner’s Policy in Denver, the Hottest Real Estate Market in 2016

3961070218_bf14366a48_oDenver will be the hottest real estate market in the nation in 2016, according to Zillow, a leading real estate marketplace that enables access to millions of rental listings.

Denver took first place because it’s predicted that Denver homes will appreciate by 5 percent in 2016.  Seattle, Dallas-Fort Worth, Richmond, Virginia and Boise, Idaho are other cities that were identified by Zillow as hot markets in the year.  As home appreciates in Denver, income is expected to grow by 1.1 percent, and annual unemployment rates are expected to rest at 3.1 percent. Together, the three variables were “scaled and combined to form a ‘hotness score,’ producing the top ten list,” Zillow said in a statement. Additionally, the area fingered as the “hottest” neighborhood in Denver in 2016 in Barnum, in west Denver.

With the excellent news of Denver being identified as a hot market, it’s important time to reiterate the value of certain purchases, such as the purchase of an owner’s policy. Denverites can benefit from an owner’s policy, which is purchased for a one-time fee at closing, lasting as long as the purchases have an interest in the property. The owner’s policy protects against title defects, liens, and other issues.

There are many questions surrounding home title insurance, including:  What coverage do I need? Are the prices regulated? Is the seller pushing a specific title company? Who usually pay? Who do I trust? Also, how much reassurance do I need?  There are answers to all of these questions. Buyers can find answers by setting up consultations with home title insurance agencies, such as Assured Title Agency. Also, answers can be found by viewing articles and facts, and combing through testimonials that share how title insurance has protected men, women, and families against contingencies, such as forgery and fraud.

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